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Ongoing Classes

Ongoing classes allow dog and handler teams to practice all they have learned in a weekly class environment. These classes are for handlers and dogs that have competency on all obstacles and can do 10+ obstacle sequences. Handlers/Dogs must have a placement evaluation with Michelle or referral from another instructor to enter these classes. Dogs and handlers will be placed into classes based on their current competency level and will be faced with new challenging courses or exercises every week.

Ongoing classes are currently held at Best Friends Fun Farm in McKinney and are $70 / month / dog.

Current Sessions

Wednesdays, 8:15pm - Pre-Novice/Novice Level - Best Friends Fun Farm (McKinney)

There is currently a wait list for this class. Please for more information.

Private Lessons

By Appointment - $40/25-minutes

Private lessons offer you and your dog one-on-one time with an instructor to work on a topic of your choice.

Private lessons are held at Best Friends Fun Farm in McKinney. to schedule a private lesson.

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